ProBuild - Verdict 300 Norma
24 November, 2021 by
ProBuild - Verdict 300 Norma
Gunwerks LLC, Landon Michaels

The Verdict is the biggest, baddest and most configurable rifle system in the Gunwerks lineup. It can be configured lean and light for hunting with heavy hitting cartridges, or heavy with a light recoiling round optimized as a high performance race gun or precision rifle competition rig.


We've built a handful of ProBuild Verdict packages ready to ship chambered in 300 Norma magnum and set up for maximum performance with 230gr A-TIP ammunition. This rifle can double as an ELR target gun or long reaching hunting rifle for hunters who prefer a heavy round for big game.

Rifle Specs:
  Model: Verdict
  Caliber: 300 Norma
  Optic: Kahles K525i MOAK
  Barrel: Fluted Steel
  Brake: Directional
  Ballistics Package: BDC turret tuned for Gunwerks 230 A-TIP ammunition

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